Shambala - exhibitionspace for international contemporary art

Shambala was born out of the conviction that Copenhagen
needs a permanent space with explicit aim to host a continous presentation of professional art produced by artists with foreign background in Denmark.
Not with the intention of confining these artists in one place well away from the other established exhibition centres, but on the contrary, to make the resources of this artists visible in Copenhagen.

We look upon Shambala as a comprehensive project.

Its aim is:

- to provide refugees, immigrants and other people of non-danish origin with a permanent and visible space on a central location where they can exihibit their art.

- to organize cultural events, be it art, music or litterature, and through this presentation and exchange of culture and ideas promote understanding among people with different cultures.

- to encourage education, exchange, information and co-operation concerning contacts between different cultures.

We try to achieve this by organizing a variety of big
and small projects and arrangments.

Shambala has existed since 1991.
It originated as a private projekt, but in 1994 it became a
privat nonprofit organisation with a committee and supported
by a Group of Friends.

Shambalas activities go beyond the regular 14-16 annual exhibitions.
Shambala is activ in making contacts with galleries, institutions and workplaces all over Denmark as well as with international colleagues who take an interest in our work and/or wish to
exhibit international contemperary art.

Shambala takes care of the layout and printing of PR materials for the artists and the necessary advertising of exhibitions.
In relation to the public Shambala has suceeded in attracting people from business, politics and a wide range of professional fields.

In spite of limited economic resources and only one paid employee Shambala has, thanks to dedicated volunteers, managed to develope a healthy organisation which to this
day has been capable of arranging al the exhibitions and
other arrengments in the gallery as well as initiating a num-
ber of external actvities.
Because Shambala is a private, nonprofit organisation which
is not permanently subsidised by the state, the number and extent of our activities entirely depends on the amount of
money we receive through various donations.